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I have been a member at 262 for about a year and I love everything about it. The coaches are amazing, friendly, encouraging and they keep a close eye on your form and progressions. The members are friendly and welcoming. It is guaranteed that you will be encouraged, positively challenged and cheered on by others. I would highly recommend this gym to anyone, I am so incredibly happy to have found it.

Katrina T

CrossFit 262 Member

This gym changed my life! Great community, outstanding coaches and well programmed workouts. The schedule is great and the people are even greater.

Mary L

CrossFit 262 Member

Terrific coaches, atmosphere and people. Could not say enough good things about 262. So happy to be able to continue to improve my fitness goals with the help of the kind, hard working and fun community here.
Anna K

CrossFit 262 Member

Favorite place to spend my mornings! I’ve been here for two years now and still love coming every day! The coaches are great, the community is awesome!!
Divi G

CrossFit A1A Member

My second home. Great community. Constantly challenges me and makes me a better person! I love this gym!

Heather B

CrossFit 262 Member

This place is changing the way I workout, it takes me out of my comfort zone. I love it!!!
Nadralee M

CrossFit 848 Member

I came to this gym after my other crossfit gym closed, everyone welcomed me and other members that came with open arms! Felt so comfortable right away and proud to call 262 my home gym and even more happy to call this community family!! I have improved so much since coming to 262 due to the awesome coaches and motivation from all the members. I would recommend 262 to everyone. Im a lifer! Love this box!

Jamie L

CrossFit 262 Member

I’ve been to a few CrossFit boxes the past three years since starting. I can without a doubt say that I am so impressed with 262. I’ve only been at this location for about a month, but there are so many positives! The coaches are without a doubt invested in you as a member, making sure you’re lifting safely and correctly; they support you, encourage you and want you to be the best version of yourself everyday. The members are so friendly and they want to get to know you right away, everyone cheering each other on. Just the overall vibe of this location is so down to earth. Everyone cares, supports and encourages each other on. That is what this community is about. I’m always happy coming in for workouts and always leaving with a smile on my face. These people became my family fast. I highly encourage you to check it out and see what they can do for you!
Andrea R

CrossFit 262 Member

Before three years ago I was bouncing around looking for something to commit and find purpose in a healthy lifestyle. Considering I had a heart attack at age 28, I needed something more than just to be in shape, something that would not only rehab my health, but would also transform my well-being. Then three years ago I stumbled into CrossFit, and since then, I’ve come to believe that 262 is a lot like home. A place of fitness, yes, but even more so, a place of rest from a hectic life. A rotating schedule. Life’s stressful demands. And there really is “no place like home.” A place where you are free to be yourself. A place where you are accepted, received, and welcomed by the CrossFit community. I am completely comfortable here. I have no strings here. I am deeply thankful to have found and to be apart of CrossFit 262.

Joseph W

CrossFit 262 Member

I have been going to classes at Crossfit 262 for one year now. The community at this gym is fantastic! Other members were cheering me on during my very first workout and it took very little time to become friends with several people. The coaches do an excellent job of programming workouts. They are a mix of strength training and the high intensity Crossfit style workouts. I have felt constantly challenged, but continue to improve. I lost over 10 pounds during my first two months and continue to stay at a healthy weight while also gaining muscle. Do not let Crossfit intimidate you! It can be that way, but the reward is worth pushing yourself past your perceived limits. The small class sizes are perfect for getting lots of personal attention from the coaches and they will gladly work with you to suit the workouts to your skill level. I would definitely recommend Crossfit 262 to anybody looking to try or join a Crossfit gym in the Waukesha, WI area. You will be glad you did!
Mason R

CrossFit 262 Member

CrossFit 305 is a shining example of the very best parts of the CrossFit world – expert coaches who have years of experience and multiple certifications and credentials, smart programming, a supportive community, and a clean and up to date facility. All of these elements create an environment where everyone can get fit and stay fit.

Joseph P

CrossFit 305 Member

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I love this place. It is literally my second home (305 as well!). Dan, Jeff, Chad, Joey and all the trainers who work there know their stuff and are very positive, friendly, and humble. They never get tired of me asking questions and trying to learn new things.

Thanks to their help and guidance, I lost 27 pounds in less than three months. I got stronger, fitter, and I just feel way better.

If you hate working out alone, don’t know what to do, and just want to become badass, CrossFit and this gym is what you need to join.

Adam B

CrossFit A1A Member

Best spontaneous decision I ever made was scrolling thru Facebook one morning, coming across the ‘new you’ program and signing up for it that very same day. After the program was finished I couldn’t imagine ever working out at another gym. I hate waking up early and I love CrossFit 262 so much that I wake up at 4:45am at least 4 times a week. Everyone is so insanely nice and welcoming, and no one ever makes you feel silly for not knowing what you’re doing. Not that the feeling of not knowing what you’re doing lasts very long, the instructors understand how to teach you in a way that just makes sense. Best and hardest work outs I’ve ever done. Plus going to CrossFit 262 makes me feel like a badass. And who doesn’t like to feel like a badass?!

Stephanie J

CrossFit 262 Member

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