RELOADED is focused on fun, fast paced workouts that build Stamina, Strength & Resilience. Whether you’re a hard driving professional, a mid-life athlete or a mother coming back after child birth, RELOADED is for you. We leave out the barbell and the more technical gymnastics movements to create a program that encourages sweat & results. Get lean, toned muscle while having the most fun you’ve ever had working out. All levels of fitness will find benefit from this awesome fitness program!

What’s the difference between RELOADED and CrossFit?

The RELOADED workouts use high intensity routines that are lighter in weight and skill needs than full CrossFit WODs (Workout-Of-the -Day). You will use the program we design to get super-fit, regardless of your current fitness level.

In CrossFit classes you can expect to have more skill specific instruction, as well as heavier workouts. You also have more options as far as class times (see above schedule). Want to learn to snatch, clean & jerk, deadlift, front squat, push press, climb ropes, work on rings, kip, muscle up and more? You’re looking for CrossFit. This requires CrossFit 101 Fundamentals.