Tracy was a participant in our 4 week challenge at CrossFit 262 that absolutely crushed her goals and saw amazing results. Tracy not only completed the challenge strictly down to the very last detail, but also embodied the spirit of the challenge as well.

The challenge includes a checklist of healthy habits to do for the day – drink a certain amount of water, sleep more than 6 hours, stick to the meal plan for all meals, etc. Tracy went above and beyond by adding her own columns with goals to hit for the day, including things like, “go out of comfort zone once a day,” “reach out to old friends,” “help a stranger.”


This is what the challenge is all about. Making a healthy lifestyle change not just physically, but also mentally.

Big congrats to Tracy for being our Nutrition Challenge Winner at CrossFit 262!

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Tracy’s thoughts on our nutrition coaching…


Diets are a dime a dozen and this nutrition challenge shouldn’t be confused with a diet / weight-loss program.

It taught me – and will teach you – more than just being mindful about food. It teaches how our little choices all add up to make us into either better – or worse- versions of ourselves.

This challenge provides a detailed, science-based plan – and when you totally commit, it will help you become that better version of who you already are. And like anything else worthwhile, it requires hard work. No shortcuts.

I approached the challenge by committing to do everything required, so long as it was under my control. Each component of the challenge (almost all of which initially seemed impossible to do) turned out to be not-so-difficult, when done on a day-to-day basis.

In one month, I achieved what I thought was unfeasible for someone my age. Although it resulted in lots of cool stuff (3″ off my waist, 15 lb. weight loss, first pull-ups, double-unders, faster run times…), it was the application of habits that improved the quality of my life I’m most grateful for. So many thanks to the team of trainers at CF 262/305/A1A/848 who provided the guidance and support.

This program is no joke, y’all: 28 days (their science + your hard work) = yourself, transformed.

– Tracy

In 4 weeks…

Pounds Lost


Body Fat Lost

CM Off Waist