Pull Up x10
65 lb Barbell Thrusters x10
AMRAP in 20 minutes
Peter: 10 rounds
Dan: 11 rounds + 3 pull ups

Three hours later in the pool.
3 rounds
20 second on 20 seconds off
30 seconds on 30 seconds off
45 seconds on 45 seconds off
60 seconds on 60 seconds off
At the end of 60 off, return to 20 on until you have completed all three rounds
Total time: 15:30

Pete coaching Dan through ‘Seagrams’. 7 20# med ball cleans, 7 push ups.
10 Minutes, AMRAP
Pete learning from Chuck, a great instructor.
Dan looking at the pull up bar mid Fran, praying for a finish.
Dan in a DEEP thruster, “Fran”.

We’re in the middle. Dan’s looking like he’s about to fall over. Probably about round 13 of ‘Seagram’s’.

The parking lot of BGI Fit where we spent our weekend learning.