Friday and Saturday-rest and eat

Swim 1.2 miles
Bike 56 miles
Run 13.1 miles

So, I decided to put my training program to the test and try to complete a half IronMan on zero bike miles, zero pool miles, zero swim miles. It hurt, bad. Then it hurt more bad, then I hit muscle spasms and major muscle cramps, then my arms started to tingle, then the cramps came back. I finished. That was the only real goal. Midway into the race I wanted to break six hours.

My knees are done. Other than that, my body is okay. Will I do a full IronMan? Sure, probably some day. When I finished I said ‘no way’ but today looking back, I see how much I learned about myself and others…mental toughness, empathy, the bodies ability to push through pain and recover, and how truley dead tired you can make yourself. I am still a bit sluggish today. More sleep, eat, relax.