Jump rope double unders
Sit up

Joseph 7:40
Peter 9:59
Dan 11:59

I liked this one. I had never hit more than three double unders in a row. Hit the set of 30. Gonna work these. Before this did bench press for fun.
45 x12, 135 x12, 205 x1 (up too fast but spotter was leaving), 155 x8, 165×8, 165×8, 175×6, 175×6.
Wanted more but no spot=no big lifts.
Finished with 3×15 ring push ups after Annie and teaching Tina Clean N Jerk.

7am-sprint bike ride from Normandy to The Garage.

1pm-Clean N Jerk
155, 155, 165, 185 (f), 185, 185(f), 165
135, 145, 155, 165, 165, 165, 165

Dominic came in and hit a monster 195, with room left to go up. Good job Dom!

Five minutes after the C-N-J’s…
Miles on ten minutes
Dan-5:46, 5:39, 5:53. Goal pace was 5:45-5:50. Last one legs were dead. No pop.
Pete did the last one with me in 6:40, a PR for him even after staying in the gym for my first two and doing squats, thrusters, general leg abuse.

Sunday afternoon
15 pull ups
15 push ups
15 sit ups
15 Superman back ext.
20 minutes, AMRAP

Pete did ring dips instead of push ups and some crazy ball back ext. Got 6 plus 4 dips.
Dominic and I did this in the park.
I got seven plus another round of pulls.
Dom got six and some change.

Saturday was rest, but did some casual late night biking.