Yesterday I saw a full 180 in a client. It was his third session. He had come in looking for what everyone looks for. Six pack abs. Fine, yes, you can have that. Stop eating, move to a third world country. Abra cadabra, six pack abs revealed. We all have a six pack buried beneath. We do not all have core strength, balance, functional fitness tools. Ask the biggest meanest lifter at your gym to do ten burpees, ten pull ups and ten squats. See what happens. Now have him repeat it. And again. I fail to see the point of bench pressing 500 pounds and not being able to touch your toes. Give me a leap, a run and the ability to chase my kid any day. To each their own.

Anyway, the client mentioned had the breakthrough in the middle of a balance drill. All of a sudden he realized that he was doing sport specific movements without knowing it. He made a point that he no longer cared about six pack abs, but wanted to focus on his balance, his flexibility, his core strength. I cannot deliver this to a client without the person coming to this realization themselves, I can only guide them to this point. It was a good moment for both of us and one that I strive to deliver to every person I work with.

Morning class…full body.

warm up
-bench assisted one arm push up x8 each side
-L pull up x10
-feet on bench pliometric push up x10
-135 lb bench press x20

set one:
bench press 185 lb x8, x7, x6, x5

set two:
hammer machine chest fly 70 lb. 3×10
super setted with dips 19, 15, 15

set three:
handstand push ups assisted 3X5
dumbbell clean and press 45lb x8 each arm, 2 sets. 50lb x8 each arm with ten burpees

set four:
three rounds of…
bodyweight skull crusher x10
close grip push up x10, 8, 7
cable pull down 110lb. 2 sets x10, 1 set @100 lb.

assisted stretch finish.