Quarter Miles on The Track

1. 71 seconds
2. 70 seconds
3. 72 seconds
3. 73 seconds
4. 74 seconds
5. 74 seconds
6. 72 seconds

80-90 seconds rest between

Afterwards, we were lucky enough to have a freeway entrance blocked off right next to the track so we did eight 70 yard hill sprints, walking back for rest.
All were in the mid 9 second range.

A good use of a Sunday.

I hung the door pull up bar up in my new place so I have been ‘greasing the groove’ with many sets of ten pull ups/chin ups every day. Also, a lot of one leg squat/one arm push up practice using the GTG model.


The rest of last week was spent on Ross Training week two.
-Strength Training with Snatches, one arm DB chest press, wall sits, jump squats and more
-GPP training with rounds of burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, more burpees, etc.
-Core Training with standing wheel roll outs, russian twists, V-ups, bicycles, and more
Good stuff Maynerd.