Alex Harris says he’s an artist and tends to be very introverted. You wouldn’t know it by his current profession.

“I ‘m a paid public speaker” he says. ” I do web design and eCommerce and I’ve written two books on the subject.”

 Alex wanted to try CrossFit but there wasn’t a convenient location. “My brother has been doing it for a while, then SRCF opened so I signed up to get back in shape.”

“I had my own business from 2011-2016 and I didn’t have health insurance. I did nothing for 5 years, just worked at my home office desk. I stepped on the scale and I was the heaviest I’ve ever been 1987. I was scared because my endurance was terrible and my diet was even worse. I knew I’d enjoy CrossFit. It reminded me of high school wrestling practice. I remember the pain of pushing past your limits. I liked the variety of CrossFit versus a traditional gym.”

“I lost 30 pounds, but I really do CrossFit to help me avoid stress and stay focused. Crossfit helps me be mentally prepared for public speaking, challenges at work and of course health. It’s dramatically helped me build confidence and break through plateaus.”
Alex does meal prep weekly with whole foods, plus protein shakes and bars in between meals. He also avoids sugar. When asked about his goals, he was pretty clear.
“It’s gonna take a while but I’d like to get to RX weights and skills in WODs. In the meantime, it gives me something to wake up to instead of work, plus it sets my day up for success. After a 6am workout I crush everything I need to do for that day by lunch. The more progress I have in CF, the more success I have in life.”
Congrats Alex, you’re a true Success Story!