Arno Before

Arno After










“Before/after, with the after picture all smiley. Massive love and gratitude going out to @danmartin305 for the coaching!

Dan really knows his stuff in regards to fitness and nutrition, and he guides you through a very structured program he’s put together.

All you need to do is commit and follow through. Dan hounds you along the way to make sure that happens. Highly recommended to anyone looking to get in shape!!”

Sidebar: I’ve know Arno for aout 20 years. We met in the Midwest music scene and shared a lot of experiences. After my move to Miami and lifestyle change, we still kept in touch occasionally and I kept up with him through social media. He wrote a book about his story of a previous life before we’d met (check it out HERE). He travels for speaking engagements now and had a 3 week bi-coastal trip scheduled during his 6 weeks. He was worried that he wouldn’t be able to stick to the program. I assured him, that with a combination of his will power and my accountability he’d be able to do it….and he did it! 

20 pounds lost in 6 weeks! 

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