Monday I did Crossfit’s Fran

That’s 95 lb on the bar
The monsters in the video hit 2:37.
I hit a new PR of 5:13
It knocked me out, good.
Shooting for under four minutes by the end of ’08

Warm up…
two rounds of:
20 push ups
20 single leg deadlifts
20 single leg squats
10 pliometric jumps

Two rounds of:
185 lb bench press x10
205 lb deadlift x10
no swing chin up x10
pistol squat x5 each leg


Round three we took the bench and deadlift down to 135 and upped the reps to 15

Finisher was Tabata burpees.
You want to test yourself? Do this.
Again, Tabata is 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for eight rounds. You MUST use maximum intensity for all rounds and aim to complete as many reps of the chosen exercise as possible. Total time is always four minutes.