Now that we are up and running our task is to define what it is to train at “The GARAGE”. In this process we must consider the environment we have created, resources at hand and the subject. In order to facilitate this process we have eliminated distractions, technology and excuses. In this way we attempt to get down to the essence of what it is to be “in it”.

On Monday I managed to get through an entire training session with a long time client without any deviation from what I had planned for that workout. He moved fluidly from one exercise to another with a focus that I have rarely seen in him. He even began to tell me about something non fitness related and had to stop himself in the middle because it was not in line with what we where doing in that moment. A big step in the right direction.

Why this change? Why now? I believe that there was nothing familiar (like another member or “sit down in” machine) to cling onto or to distract him. It was only me. His attention was entirely on me for the first time in a long while. His often empty stare evolved into one of focus and intent. I had supreme power and he was left to follow my lead. His brain is now “dialed in”.

The brains role is vastly overlooked in fitness. By eliminating something you have to climb into and replace that with exercises that demand focus you force a neural response which starts the body on the right track to making a real connection with the task at hand and the body’s place in space. The nervous system receives and sends info for the muscles to react to. Not the other way around.

We are told you have to train people how to treat you. This is true for 1 on 1 fitness as well. Set the tone right from the start and be consistent. Give time for gossip and personal issues (last 10minutes of session) but not until they have earned the right and never initiate an unrelated conversation. If they still want to talk at the end then let them. By that time they will be so exhausted it wont even matter.

Our job is to help people align their goals with their actions. By creating an environment that forces full body awareness we help people to get back in touch with themselves and yield results.

Remember: Just because they pay you does not give them rights to an hour of ownership. Not in my gym!

Peter K