Not only did she have weight loss success, she maintained muscle and gained strength!

With her hybrid program including Nutrition, Personal Training and group classes, she has made huge improvements.

“The easiest part was not having to think, “Should I or Shouldn’t I?” and just doing what Dan said to do.”

Her 400 meter sprint time dropped from 2:20 to 1:50, she’s finally able to string together double unders and she learned to do kipping pull ups and toes to bar (not to mention 8 STRICT PULL UPS!!!

“It’s not only a physical gain testing my will power, I feel stronger in every way and also have more energy.”

“My 2.45 mile run from 26-24 min … and I’m finally just starting to be able to do workouts without breaking for rest, that was a huge goal for me.”

As far as her future plans, she continues to train and keep her nutrition on point. “I just want to continue to get stronger, over all fitter and keep pushing myself to be better …Beating Shloimy’s “Karen” time wouldn’t be too bad either 😉