Hear ye hear ye.

Rubber flooring has arrived in a big old roll! Time to scrape paint, fill in holes and lay some rubber. The kitchen area got painted and is looking good and clean.

Worked out in the space again, a good circuit of…

135lb. bench x10
60 lb. 1 arm dumbbell deadlift x12 (6 each arm)
15 ft. rope climb (no legs)
bicycle crunches x50
cinder block push ups x10
30 lb. dumbbell overhead press x10
25lb ball slams x10

3 rounds of that with no rest followed by…

30 second rounds of
-cinder block leg ups (tap your toe on the top)
-jumping jacks
-grasshoppers and/or mountain climbers
-split jumps
2:30 circuit x4=10 minutes no rest

finished with a 2:30 plank hold and a nice stretch routine.

Tomorrow will be picture day, so be ready to look at lots of photos.