bodyweight 500

20 jump squats
20 spider man push ups
20 lunge jumps
15 pull ups
25 prisoner squats
20 push ups
20 bodyweight rows
20 lunge step backs
20 hip bridges
20 toe touches
50 jumping jacks

repeat x2 for a total of 500 reps

55 push ups
5×10 bodyweight shoulder press

200 jumping jacks
5×10 36″ cone tuck jumps
3×10 bodyweight shoulder press

circuit (all rounds 45 seconds, 15 seconds to move to next)

two ten minute rounds with two minutes rest…

30 lb single arm kettle bell swing x10 each arm, x2 catch and throw each arm
36″ cone tuck jump
bosu plank
around the world ball push up (one hand on, both hands on, other hand on)
bodyweight shoulder press
elevated bench full range sit up
dips (5, rest, 5, rest, 5 for a total of 15)
knee raises (ten straight leg, 15 tucked to each side, finish with tucks to the middle)
5 lb. weighted jacks
ball slams

Found out that the gym closes early on Saturday in the middle of the first set of Crossfit bears (front clean, front squat, shoulder press, back squat, shoulder press, repeat).
Will get to these tomorrow.