Squat 225lbsx20 reps
Bench 185lbsx20reps
Walking Lunge 70lbsx20reps (70lb DB/ arm)
Standing overhead military press 135lbsx20reps
One arm DB rows 80lbsx20reps
Deadlift 185lbsx20reps

Complete each 20 rep set in order. Record time.

Dan and myself tried this the other day. I recorded a time under 14min. Dan recorded just under 13min. After completing our first attempt we agreed that the squat weight needs to be increased to the new standard of 225 from the the originally attempted weight of 185. After my first attempt at the military press at the originally planned weight of 185 we agreed to bring it down to 115 in order to complete it without injury. I still want the standard to be at 135lbs. There is something butch about going straight for the 45’s and slapping them on each side. No need for nickels and dimes! The weight for the rest of the exercises was manageable although the 70lb lunges did pose a challenge.

Here is how I got through it:
Squats– flew through 20 straight. This is why we feel raising the weight might pose more of a challenge.
Bench-5,5,4,3,2,1. With a goal of time in mind taking an Idols Gym Cruise Rest break seems non-compliant! Which explains my 2 and 3 rep sets. My plan was to break it up in 5’s. Taking 1-2 minute rest would have allowed me to reach that. But as I mentioned earlier, I ain’t here to cruise!
Walking Lunges– 10,10. Dan tried to fly through it only to reach 16 reps and regretted it afterwards. You will need to save some energy in your legs to bear the Standing O.H. Military Press.
Standing O.H. Military Press– 5 (@ 135), 5,4,3,3 (@ 115) Use some leg bounce if needed. Trust me you will need it.
1 Arm DB Rows-5,5,5,5. Cake but no walk in the park.
Deadlift-5,5,5,5. What a way to finish it off.

I hope to work up to completing all sets of 20 reps straight through. Needs a bit of work though.
So now do you want to sit on the leg extension? WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!

Peter K