Modified Fight Gone Bad (My fathers day gift to myself)…

5 rounds for rep total.

Do all exercises consecutively for one minute each, resting exactly one minute in between rounds for a total of 25 lactic acid filled, on the edge of puking fun filled minutes.

1. 75 lb. sumo dead lift with high pull (weight goes to floor, dead lift up and pull weight to chin)
2. 24″ bench jump (get a solid 2 foot object, jump up to it, hop down, repeat)
3. 75 lb. overhead push press (bar goes from chest straight up over head and back down)
4. Burpees (yes, really…)

(The full version of this starts with an exercise called ‘Wall Ball’ where you take a 2o lb. and toss it up to a mark at a height of 10′ on a wall, catch, squat, stand and throw. The gym didn’t have either a good wall spot nor a 20 lb. ball. Also, in place of burpees, Crossfit uses one minute on a rowing machine. I think burpees kick the behind a bit more and since I only included four exercises, I opted to kick the tukus.)

Sumo-28, 22, 20, 15, 15
Jump-28, 22, 32, 19, 22
Push-25, 22, 22, 15, 20
Burp-11, 10, 10, 10, 12


I had the idea going into this that I was going to do ‘a little more’ after I was done…funny one tough guy. Legs were shaking, lunch was begging to come up, and I was doing the trademark waving off motion that happens involuntarily when things get ugly (usually a side effect of burpees).

Round 1-‘no problem’
Round 2-‘O…….kay?’
Round 3-‘O……..#$%^!!!’
Round 4- ‘WHY?’
Round 5- ‘BECAUSE!!! THAT’S WHY!!!’

It’s almost an hour gone and I’m still high off of it, still shaking a bit. My walk through the grocery store was veeeeery mellow as the endorphine rush kept right on going. Chugged down a Naked protein juice smoothie in less than 5 seconds. Time to relax and enjoy game five of the NBA finals.