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Laddererer (AMRAP – Rounds)

-Warm Up:

2 Rounds:

10 Air Press & Pull

10 Opposite Ankle Grabbers

10 Touch & Reach

10 Plyo Jumps

10 Air Thrusters

Deadlift up to a weight you can do 16 times

Ladder of:


Push Ups


Do 2 Deadlifts the first minute, 4 deadlifts the second minute, 6 deadlifts the 3rd minute, continuing to add 2 reps each minute until doing 16 reps on the 8th minute

Rest 2 minutes and repeat the same process for Push Ups.

Rest 2 minutes and repeat the same process for Thrusters.

Make push ups harder by slowing them down. Make push ups easier by using a counch or chair for elevation.

Pick a load for deadlift and thrusters that is challenging but allows you to go unbroken. If you only have light weight you can do 3s on deadlifts (3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24)