Well, it was worth every penny. We are both now Level One Crossfit Certified. There we are in the upper right of the top pic. Notice the lack of shirts in the bottom vs. the top. I’m pretty sure that’s a chain reaction that either happens or doesn’t. Gladly, it didn’t in ours. No video or pictures, we decided to just experience and learn instead of document. I had my worst/best ever “Fran”. Worst for time, best for execution of movement. Pete hit a great Fran and slaughtered me by more than a minute. I got four muscle ups for the first time, that felt great. Pete and I hung with the bigger dogs on the WOD Sunday…
7 20 lb med ball cleans, 7 push ups, 10 minutes, As many rounds as possible.
Pete hit 14 plus three cleans, I hit 15 plus 5 cleans. Endurance is good, strength needs work.
I learned a great deal about form, function and their application for fitness. Overall, just a great weekend that I’m still digesting.

Run 800 meters
50 back extensions
50 sit ups
3 rounds
The back extensions, done correctly, are a new excruciating experience that severely weakens the run.