We are featured in todays Miami edition of
A nice write up that pretty accurately describes us and what we do.
Though we are not cavemen, we do believe in a fitness regiment that covers function before form.
Big biceps should be a result of what you do, not the reason why you do it.
We always strive for excellence in all of our clients, whether they are rugby players getting ready for the season or a retiree looking for more functionality on their upcoming vacation.
Come see us, the first session is on the house. We beleive in what we do and are not here to count reps and yawn. We are interested in making everyone we work with as fit and healthy as possible.

Speaking of….Bill Conti’s Rocky soundtrack produces excellent results….
TRIPLE MUSCLE UP…that’s a false grip pull up transitioned into a ring dip.
Wanna know how hard this is? TRY IT!