Monday was a nice mix of back and chest.
Machines, free weights, cables, bodyweight.
I used some good functional movements such as finger tip push ups as well as some ‘vanity’ movements such as cable crossovers. A nice solid workout at a different pace after Sunday’s Crossfit style beatdown.

For me, variety is greatly needed. I cannot do 20 minutes of puke inducing work everyday, just as I cannot do muscle isolation everyday. Exercise must be fun and interesting….

Which moves us on to today…

Peter and I met up at the local sausage party gym spot and worked out on cables, free weights and more, mixing in dips, curls, pushes, etc. We then took it to the upstairs floor and worked on deck squats, some ball pushes, more bicep curls and finished it all with the Panos4Time drill. It was my first time through it and this is a real killer. If you are not familiar with the protocol, scroll down a few posts and check it out.
I hit it in 1:35, setting a new mark.
The jacks are no problem, the burpees hit you, the kb swings almost knock you out and the lateral drills finish you to the floor. It felt a lot like racing a half mile. Fast and painful but full of benefit and a good measure of mental toughness.