Fast and Furious
20 minutes
As many rounds as possible of:

1. 10 pull ups
2. 10 db swings overhead per arm (I chose 30 lb)
3. 10 plyo push ups (hands must leave ground)
4. 10 tuck jumps (jump as high as possible, tuck knees to chest)

My goal was 10, I got to 8 1/2 in the alloted time and finished 9 at 20:27.
Grip strength really comes into play later, as the pull ups take it out and the db swings become a real challenge with the forearm locking along with the grip.

Finished with a few V-ups, turkish get ups and side bends.


Took myself to the local gym as Peter had the space for the eveining.

100 jumping jack warm up
15 45 lb. bears (clean, front squat, overhead press, squat, overhead press, repeat)

3 rounds of:
-85 lb. jump squat x10
-1 arm/ 1 leg plank hold, 30 seconds each arm/leg
-25 lb. plate chest flex (plate goes from midsection to shoulder level with elbows locked) x10
-45 lb. plate rotation (plate goes overhead in full circle first to the right and then left) x10
-hanging V-up (hang from a pull up bar,bring your feet to the bar, bending at the waist) x5
No rest between rounds

3 rounds of
-85 lb. clean and overhead press x10
-bodyweight tricep extension x10
-lunge jumps x20
-close grip push ups x10
No rest between rounds

Assisted one arm pull ups
x5 each arm 150lb
x3 each arm 135lb,
x4 each arm 120 lb, unassisted super slow down, two arm up

Protein, water, stretch

Then I jumped in the car and went to the local inner city track. Packed with people of all ages walking, running, doing field activities. Good stuff. Watched Olympic hurdler Bershawn ‘Batman’ Johnson run five 200’s at around 22-24 seconds effortlessly. I spoke with his coach, he said he was working on relaxing. Okay, right.
I was also there to do 200’s, eight of em with 200 meters walking rest.
The first two were at 27, the next three at 28, then a 29 and two 30’s to end. It amazes me that I used to hold these paces for 800 meters. Can anyone guess was my new quest is? Sub 2:00 half mile (again)? Why not. The first four intervals felt good, then the oxygen deprivation/side aches/lactic acid build up kicked in and it was a whole lot of mental push.

After I finished with the runs I went over to the pull up bar and traded sets with a couple of guys and got some new ideas for the bar. If you ever want inspiration for exercising, go to the inner city parks and watch. Anything can be used, there are no weights around and yet there is enthusiastic work being done on minimal or no equipment. These two guys were on nothing more than a pull up bar and managed to use every muscle in the upper body and core.


10 baseball grip (hands together) side to side pull ups
8 L position seated chin ups
8 side to side pull ups
10 upside down pull ups
5 slow motion pull ups w/ 5 second hold, 5 second drop

I tried a few of the other moves that I saw the guys doing and got some advice. By this time my grip was failing and I was spent.

I found out that the big chain grocery is now carrying grass fed organic beef. MEAT for dinner.