Our Mission & Vision

The mission of our gyms is to be the best gyms in Miami & Miami Beach, while helping 10,000 people locally. Since 2008, we have been in pursuit of this goal – and we inch closer every day! We accomplish this through the personal excellence and experience of our team.

The knowledge, attention to detail, and relentless positivity of our staff is our number one goal, and our number one success. We will help every client achieve their goals in the most professional manner possible through use of well thought out and planned nutrition and exercise programs. We will help our training staff to become both locally and nationally recognized. 

Our vision is to provide the safest, most efficient and effective nutrition and exercise programs in internationally recognized small box studios. We will recruit, train and employ only the best fitness professionals, providing a stable & healthy work environment that focuses on an uplifting culture.

Our goal with each client is to build meaningful, long lasting relationships that achieve optimum fitness, both individually and as a community.