I spent the last two seasons of triathlons riding 3″ too high in the saddle which hurt my hips, numbed my back, on occasion made it so I couldn’t feel my nether regions after the bike ride (!!!) and always slowed me on the run portion of the race.

Yesterday I went to the nice folks and Scoot Skate and Bike at 18th and Biscayne, got myself a great tune up and today it was like riding a new bike. I broke the hour barrier with a 58:09. This was something that I tried to achieve for two years without success and a simple equipment tweak was all the difference.

Many people feel that they have their workout, they can do it on their own and no one can tell them different or better. I still seek out trainers and learn from them through working out with them. Some use heavy lifting and slow movement, some fast and brutal circuits, others controlled movement focused on bio mechanical correctness. Every one that I have hired has had something to offer. Never underestimate the power that an informed and educated outside perspective can have. I’d still be doing sets on machines if I hadn’t been taught better. Everyday is still a chance to gain knowledge.