Inspired by this video:
I decided that a few more squats supersetted with half mile runs would be good.

1. 95lb squat x20
half mile-2:40
2. 135 lb squat x20
half mile-2:32
3. 135 lb squat x20
half mile-2:31
4. 95lb squat x20
half mile-2:22

No rest between squat and run, 2:30 rest between each super set.

We decided that this is a good one for all triathletes as it forces the pre-exhausted quadriceps to react to a quick run start, one of the hardest parts in a multi sport race.

Warmed up with Kaya doing push ups, pull ups, squats, etc. Peter helped push on the last half mile by running the second lap right on my heels. It helped big time. Gonna have to recruit four people when I go to the track to get a current time for the half.

Finished with a nice rope-assisted leg stretch (thanks late night Golf Channel). Felt really strong on the half miles and have been enjoying the track work…gonna do 1600’s and 200’s Thursday.