Sunday=Rest, eat, rest, sleep.


We did a good high level class, working on one arm push ups, shoulder presses, pull ups, sprints, single leg squats, pliometrics and more.
After, I hit the bike for 7.6 miles at 23.8MPH for 19 minutes of fun before the clients started coming in.
After the clients, I did the Sweet 16.
16 minutes of Tabata Intervals. Click the link for a bit of detail on this fun, grueling way to exercise.
Simply put, it is 20 seconds of intense-as-possible work, followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated 8 times for the chosen exercise.
The Sweet 16, day 16 of the Ross Training Infinite Intensity program, uses heavy bag punching, bodyweight squats and push ups.

Round One: Heavy Bag (minutes 0-4)…feel your power decrease…
Round Two: Squats (minutes 5-8)…started at 20 the first round, ended at 17 on the last
Round Three: Heavy Bag (minutes 9-12)…feel what it feels like to lack power…
Round Four: Push Ups (minutes 13-16)…yeesh, not so much. Round one got to 10 before I had to go to my knees, by the last rounds I was getting to only five full pushes before having to use knees. Humbling to say the least.