As Peter states below, the Garage Strongmang is a beast, but a fun one.
After a few days of rest I have put in a few days of quality free form training.
Lots of pulling bodyweight, as well as new movements on the bar that include release and catch in different capacities. With a bar and yourself you can do most anything, provided you have the strength.

Tonight I went and did the Loose Cannons bike race. HOLY SHIT! Danger Will Robinson, danger.
Ingredients: 50 bike punks on single gear bikes and a few of us traditional bikers screaming through south beach, across the Venetain Causeway, across Biscayne and all other major intersections with no course, just a start and a finish. Two people to the hospital, tons of angry drivers and an F*&^ing RUSH! How many times did I smell tires? Lots.
I took fifth and had a blast. Was in third with a quarter to go but those fixed gear riders have the advantage with big gears and long cranks. Fun times.