BAM! (for time)

20 bodyweight squats
15 ft agility ladder drill forward, two feet in each
10 push ups
15 ft agility ladder drill lateral, two feet in each
40 bicycle crunches
Repeat circuit three times as fast as possible.
Round one with 40 lb. X-vest 3:41
Round two no vest 2:53

Later on, took a 6 block walk to the pool with a 41 pound squirming head slapping weight on my shoulders with a stop for a smoothie on the way.
Thankfully the public pools kids area had what the life guard called ‘an accident’. I call it a kid crapping in the pool. We went to the kiddie park for a while to let it empty out and went back to the lap pool (separate from urine pond) and got a lane. My little girl is now goggled and swimming full laps without a problem.

200m freestyle warm up at quarter mile race pace
4×100 IM (one minute rest between)


50 meter single arm stroke work
50 meter kick

Walked back home with the ‘lil one on my shoulders. Darn thing is getting heavy.