“Thursday Surprise”

No posted WOD means no mental preparation.
Constantly varied means you will not always have time to prepare for what lies ahead.
Show up and get in to it.


The goal of CrossFit is Increased Work Capacity Over Broad Time And Modal Domains. What does that mean to you? To me it means dead lifting when I don’t want to, running a 5k, mile, quarter mile or 100 meter dash fast. It means jumping high, handstanding freely, muscling up on bars and rings. It means being fit and healthy without a mirror telling me how fit or healthy I am. It means learning new skills daily and applying them…not strictly physical skills but mental and emotional coping mechanisms as well. The CF protocol forces the individual to be responsible for their own actions. You find your own walls and either break through them or back off and wish you had. You vs. You.

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