This one pushed it to the limit…

30 pound vest worn for entire workout.

5 rounds, no rest.

a. pull ups (set one 6, sets 2-5 five)
b. push ups 10
c. stair runs (14 stair flight, odd reps single stair, even reps double stair)
d. 50 lb. db snatch x6 per arm
e. water fountain sip, contemplate why I’m doing this excruciating workout.

The answer to e is because I need to, I need to find that spot and push it higher. I remember feeling this way when I started my path back to fitness and not wanting to push but knowing that I needed to. These workouts, this lifestyle… they are a driving force behind waking up everyday. It clears my crowded head and brings me back down to earth.

Finished with three sets of dyno pulls x10, x6, x4
paired with three sets of hanging overbar lag raises x5, x5, x5

It took a long time to come back from this one. The vest really works the cardiovascular respiratory system in a new way. A slight headache (just like the old days) as well as total exhaustion for about ten minutes. The stairs were the killer, not as I anticipated. I thought I would fly right through them…not so.