You lost over 8% body fat which is phenomenal! What did you try before this? What worked, what didn’t?

I’ve tried so many different things, juice cleanses, weight watchers, cutting out gluten, eating mostly all the not allowed veggies😂 …Dan’s plan is my new favorite and the one I’ve been the most successful on. Although I’ve had success with Tracy Anderson method after my first child, I couldn’t find the motivation and energy to push myself through it again after my second or third. With this Dan was there all along answering my questions and checking in with me, and I really think that because I had that accountability, it got me through this successfully.

What’s the hardest part about changing your nutrition?

I struggled with getting so much water in- especially that first bottle in the morning. Also weekends are hard. We usually spend Saturdays with family/friends and there’s always a lot of food. That continues to be a challenge for me. For the first 6 weeks I tried my best to stick to it even thru the weekends, now that I’m a little farther along in the program it’s definitely getting more challenging!
Also, before doing this plan I didn’t eat breakfast. So finding the time to squeeze that in was challenging.

What’s the easiest part?

I love the simplicity of it, I’ve learned to throw a couple meals worth of food together in under an hour. Toss a bunch of veggies on a sheet pan and roast them = boom- veggie ready for a few meals. Throw in a couple whole sweet potatoes = carbs for the week. Ezekiel bread = easy, store bought, good choice carb. Throw any protein in the pan w some PAM and spices = easy proteins, done. My days are hectic so having an easy plan to follow makes it so helpful.
You keep kosher right? Were there any challenges specific to that?99.8 percent of the food options are kosher friendly, so thankfully, this wasn’t an issue!Anything else you’d like us to know about you and your path to your success?

I had signed up to CrossFit in April, was going as often as I could, and wasn’t losing any weight. When November rolled around and I was actually gaining weight I got really discouraged and was ready to quit, maybe CrossFit wasn’t for me.. Right about the same time I heard about the nutrition challenge.. basically, all those signs plastered around the gym ‘80% of results are from the foods you eat’ are 100% accurate. As soon as I switched my nutrition around I started seeing results.  Also, so helpful to see everyone’s recipes and ideas on the FB group.