4 x 800 meters with 90 seconds rest

1. 2:50
2. 2:50
3. 2:55
4. 2:44

4 x80 meter sprints
11 seconds each

Core training:
-The flag x5 (back on bench, raise body to shoulder blades, feet straight up, lower body as slow as possible)
-Supermans on Swiss ball x15
-Side bends x 6 each side w/ 60 lb. db (grab dumbbell, let weight slide down leg, raise weight to hip)
-Twisting wall slams with 12 lb med ball x8 each side

Repeat circuit x3


a. 1 Arm db clean and press w/ 75 lb. db x3 per arm, 4 sets, 90 seconds rest

b. 1 Arm db snatch w/ 70 lb. db x4 per arm, 4 sets, 90 seconds rest

c1. one leg pistol squat x5 each leg
c2. glute hamstring raise x5
4 super sets sets, 45 seconds rest

d1. 35lb. weighted pull up/chin up x5
d2. 35. lb weighted push up with feet up x15
4 super sets, 45 seconds rest