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The Matt Chan Warm Up (No Measure)

25 Jumping Jacks, hands touch behind and overhead straight arms. COUNT EM OFF

10 Thumb & Pinky Jacks

8 Long Lunge, Elbow to ankle, point behinds

12 Single Leg lateral lunges

10 Tight ab, butt back arm swings (building)

5-4-3-2-1 Wide stance walk out to push up, slow walkout on heels of palms

Small/medium/butterfly paint brush arm circles, fwd & back

Palms up shoulder rotations

Front Squat (5×8)

Empty Bar-55-60-65-70%

Every 90 seconds for 15 minutes, alternate a Front Squat set with a set of 1-2 reps short of failure of Pausing Ring Rows. Squat at 0:00, Rows at 1:30, Squat at 3:00, Rows at 4:30, etc.

Law of Gravity (Calories)

3 Rounds for total Calories

Minute 1: 16 Overhead Lunges 75/53

Minute 2: 16 Push Press

Minute 3: Max Calorie Row/Bike/Ski

Minute 4: Rest

Reloaded 16 Goblet Lunges 53/35, 24 push press 35/20

RX 75/53

RX+ 95/63, 24 reps Push Press, Row

All lunges in place

Cool it now (No Measure)

Row, Bike or walk for 2 minutes very slow to recover. Regroup in a circle and stretch lying down on your back while recapping the WOD.

Supplemental Conditioning

100 GHD sit ups (Time)

2 hand touch on ground, 2 hand touch on pads

Scale to less reps or abmat sit ups