Put up clear vinyl curtain to contain air and allow light in. We dont get direct sunlight but it can still get hot. That being said the actual curtain can be all clear vinyl (minus the border for attachment and for the skirt) which ours is and still control the temperature well.

To :Mom (JOY- PETE’s MOM)
as we would say in my neighborhood “GOOD LOOKING OUT MOM” Dad is always available with the hammer ready to get constructive. Thanks DAD.
Today we had 4 different families as well as some stragglers in the building. People from 5 to over 70yrs old. There was a GREAT energy in the space as things where moving towards renewal and new beginnings.
We even got in some light exercise in an attempt to explore the space. Ring Push ups ARE NOT easy.
Overall we took one step closer towards the opening.
Still much work to do. There will always be some new direction on a single track towards our destination of success.
To Dan the Man- Keep it up! Your all right.