Ezekiel cereal with black berries and unsweetened soy milk
16oz Vitamin Water energy drink

Started the day with an outdoor training session at Legion park…

Starbucks big old Iced coffee and banana, H2O.

…and moved on to Morningside park for our group class. A fun one of moving through the whole park with exercises including picnic table jumps, bar flips, stone turns, basketball court running and one arm push up practice.

After that, went to the gym and we hit legs….

squat 135lb x10 concentrating on maximum depth
super setted with 25 lb. dumbbell lunges x20
3 sets

85lb clean/front squat x10
super setted with 25 lb. balance step downs from platform x10 each leg
3 sets

barbell good mornings x15 (did a set of deadlifts with 135, i’ve decided that deadlifting is only once a month) 3 sets
hamstring drops x10 3 sets

225 lb calf raises on leg press machine x30 3 sets
followed by…

seated calf raises
135 x20
160 x12
185 x12
185 x12
drop set x25 (peter was pulling plates off…thanks dude)

stretch, protein (1 scoop soy protein, 1 scoop egg protein, ovaltine, oatmeal, water), water.

On to the Garage to hang out .

Clif bar, two cups coffee, bite of vegan cupcake from Sweat Records.

Went to Legion park and played one game of hustle (21-?-? W), two games of three on three with Bink and Jeremy against the park youngins (7-0 shut out W, 18-16 comeback W) and another game of three man hustle (19-21-? L)

Spinach, broccoli, chicken, left over veggie curry. Lots of H2O.