We have had many clients come through and workout. Response has been very positive. We’ve made some changes in arrangement to open up the space and make it more functional. Functionality is the name of the game. Thanks to Joy for showing us some great new stretches and correct form for several yoga poses.

Wednesday workout:

95 lb hang snatch x15
sprint quarter mile
repeat x5

ring dips x10
jump pull ups with leg raise x10
3 supersets

jumping jacks
split runs
mountain climbers
high knee running
30 second each no rest
repeat circuit twice for a total of five minutes

Thursday workout
interval cardio circuit
one minute on 30 seconds off
burpees, jacks, weighted punches, stair runs, pull ups, push ups, sit ups, step ups, etc.
36 minutes

65 lb barbell curl, jump squat, barbell row
10 each
3 sets