Did most of the morning boot camp class…pushes, pulls, squats, sprints, etc.
It was hot and sticky, I was sweating before we even started.
Finished up with clients, music work, nap time.
Woke up, ate and back to the Garage for more. Finished with clients and started taking apart the beer barrel that Purdy Lounge donated to us (thanks!).
After a few minutes, got it open and filled it half way with water. Lifting this thing is a whole new experience. Uneven weight provides a whole new challenge. Balance and strength have to work together and focus has to be 100%.
I also tried out the weight belt that Joseph lent to me.

pull ups…
bodyweight x 13
25. lb x8
35 lb x6
35 lb x6
45 lb x5
45 lb x4
bodyweight x 10
these last ten felt like I was floating…

This was supposed to be a full rest day, but after the pulls I did a few sets of overhead press/row with the barrel just to see how it felt.

Time for music, good organic berries and spinach, and the 11-5 shift on the decks at the Lounge.