THIS Saturday at 8am CST/9am EST we are going to..
BREAK THE INTERNET! with Coach Ruffles!
50+ people will hit a SPICY Saturday session for our
BIGGEST CLASS EVER! Sign up is required! Send an e-mail to or tell your coach in class to reserve.

CrossFit 262, CrossFit 305, CrossFit A1A – CrossFit

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50820 (No Measure)

HEY! Saturday

HUGE workout party at 8am CST/9am EST


Warm up Today

2 minutes jump rope, running, rowing, dancing, just get loose ok?



Push Ups

Plyo Jump

Today we repeat TACOCAT’s REVENGE! Try to beat your last effort!
If you’re all thrutered out, just do front squats instead of thrusters.


Tall Power Snatch, 20 reps

Abmat sit ups, 20 reps

Clean, Hang Power, 20 reps

Overhead Press, 20 reps

Cross Body Knee to Elbows, 20 Reps

Abmat Sit ups, 20 reps

Thruster, 20 reps

Rest 2 Minutes

Thruster, 20 reps

Abmat Sit Ups, 20 Reps

Cross Body Knee to Elbows, 20 reps

Overhead Squats, 20 reps

Clean, Hang Power, 20 reps

Abmat Sit Ups, 20 reps

Tall Power Snatch, 20 reps

Rx 75/53

20 minute time limit. For each rep you don’t finish add 1 second to 20 minutes.

Good luck. 🍀

I’m Totally Doing Mobility in 2018 Pt. 3 (No Measure)

30 seconds Lizard on hands

30 seconds Lizard on elbows

30 seconds Lizard w/ rotation

Start on your right and complete the whole cycle, then switch to your left. Complete the entire cycle twice, breathing into each stretch and finding places that you personally need additional time. Make notes of those areas and apply a few extra seconds each day to mobilizing that area.