The before pic is from my first challenge at 200lbs, and the other taken this week at 163. I lost 20 lbs before starting the first challenge. I lost 8lbs after the first challenge. I gained 13 lbs in between challenges. I’ve lost 22 lbs since I started the 2nd challenge.

I’ve never eaten healthy or watched what I ate in my life. I never ate veggies and ate way too many carbs. The 2nd challenge, I followed the nutrition to a tee! Well, At least 95% of the Time. I realized that even someone as picky as me can find so many great, healthy recipes!

The easiest part of this process has been showing up to 305 for class. I instantly fell in love. With the challenges, the coaches and the friends I made. You guys made it fun and it felt great to see results.

I had this preconceived notion that CrossFit made women bulky and that I wasn’t strong enough to do the workouts. I know now I’m getting stronger with every workout. I have a long way to go but I’ve definitely come a long way.

3- I had let 6 months go by without seeing a gym once. I didn’t join after my first challenge because I didn’t think I was ready for regular CrossFit classes. I gained the weight back, plus some extra lbs. I didn’t feel good anymore and I was so disappointed in myself. Dan and Joey were the best coaches and I loved CrossFit A1A so much that I just had to go back. I was so excited when I learned you were doing another challenge, but Finding out we were being thrown into regular CrossFit classes this time around was terrifying! But if I can do it, anyone can!

I love CrossFit 305 because I learn something new every class. I love that I can scale and still feel part of the group. I love that the coaches are patient yet tough. I love the community of CrossFitters. Mostly, I love the results! I’m hooked!

Jenny used a combination of CrossFit classes, Nutrition and Accountability coaching to reach her goals. To find our more about these programs, click here:

Nutrition Program